MPW Bulk Mailer General Overview

Why Bulk Email Marketing? What are the Benefits?
We've been marketing on the Internet now for over 15 years.
We've seen and tried pretty much everything out there whether its placing free ads (Craigslist®), Google Adwords®, SEO (search engine optimization), Cold-calling phone leads (Phoneburner®), fax blasts, home meetings, postcards, phone broadcasting, etc...

When it comes to Bulk Email Marketing, we haven't found anything that comes close in regards to 2 key areas:
1) Cost-Effectiveness
2) Generating Prospects
(that know "Who You Are" & "Expect your call")

Don't get me wrong, there is a time & place for all those marketing mediums mentioned above and they can be used effectively; BUT, they can't touch the cost-effectiveness of generating prospects that know your name & expect your call the way Bulk Mailing performs using the MyProvenWay system!

As a quick example, go to in another webbrowser window and do a search for "make money at home." Thousands upon thousands of results are returned. On the first page to the right& above the search results, you will see Google Adwords®. These are links that are returned for specific searches that the advertisers are paying anywhere from $5 to $15 for each click. Go ahead and click on the first advertisement returned. You are taken to the advertisers site. Now close the page.

That advertiser was just charged anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars for that click and you didn't even FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE ADVERTISERS SITE. So, what does the advertiser get? DATE & TIME stamp of the "CLICK" & your IP Address. What can you do with an IP? Nothing except look up its "general" geographic location. So you just cost the advertiser $5 to $15 dollars and they got essentially nothing but a charge.

Now, pretend that advertiser is YOU! Yes, some of the prospects that click on the Google Adword® link will read through your "landing page" and fill out the form. But most of them will not and EACH CLICK COSTS YOU! That turns each click into even MORE MONEY as they are not panning out as a lead. Your COST PER LEAD is usually very high with this type of marketing. It is very effective because you get targeted, interested prospects. But, the ones that do pan out end up costing anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars per lead when figuring in your marketing costs.

Again, let me be clear; if you have a hundred thousand dollars to put into online marketing, Google Adwords® is the way to go. If you don't, we have a solution for you that will create the EXACT same type of lead at a much more affordable cost.

The average Cost Per Lead/Prospect (CPL) to clients using the MPW Bulk Mailer system is around $.80. (Of course this is an average and we do not guarantee that everyone using the MPW Bulk Mailing system will get these same averages - legal whatnot here, has to be done)

It gets better, these prospects got a email from you, read it, something in the email intrigued them or hit home. They "CLICKED" on your link in the email and visited your landing page! Our system will then NOTIFY you of the "clickthrough" by providing their first and lastname, email address, ip address, and PHONE! You can't get that with Google Adwords®!

The prospect is now at your landing page watching YOUR presentation and may still take 1 extra step and "Fill out your Form."

The MPW Bulk Email "clickthroughs" are far more COST-EFFECTIVE & useful than "clickthroughs" generated by other marketing means (ex Google Adwords®)

Do we call "clickthroughs" even if they don't fill out the form on our landing page? OF COURSE!

How do we approach the call? No differently than if they had taken another step & filled out the form on the landing page!

What we tell MyProvenWay members is that we are trying to create 3 to 5 prospects to talk to 5 days week for only $49.95 + the cost of leads imported into the Mailer which is roughly $70 a month. This comes out to average about $.80 cents/prospect. This is a far cry from $5 to $15 per prospect as you can see. PLUS, in most cases, the prospects has seen your name & expects a call from you or they at least remember doing the actions that warrant a call from you!

We've put together a 4 minute video that will help you "visualize" exactly what we've been talking about! Take a few minutes, grab your favorite beverage & snack, then click PLAY! Use this time as a little break from all the seriousness of this business. Please enjoy!

Sit Back, Relax & enjoy your short video!

Click Play!

Send out Bulk Emails to Prospects via the MPW Bulk Mailer!
The MPW Bulk Mailer software is EASY TO USE! Just 1 BUTTON gets your bulk email leads out per day!

The system comes pre-loaded with a messages series designed to go out over 20 days to leads that are automatically imported into the software via our EZ import system.

The MPW bulk mailing system utilizes and powerful database backend. NO MORE text file managing. The system knows who needs to get what message and when they need to get it. All you need to do is click 1 button a day to get your bulk prospecting emails out!

All the emails are coded in a special way that you will be notified in the Nexus Email Client (Clickthroughs see step 2) every time they read your message and CLICK on the embeded link in the email they receive. This "CLICK" in turns sends the prospect to your landing page.

We have many profession landing pages you can choose from or you can define your own landing page that your prospecs will see once they "CLICK" on the embeded links in your prospecting emails!

ONE BUTTON A DAY gets your Prospecting Bulk Email out! It's that easy.

Don't believe us? Come to our daily (m-f) Live Demonstration Webinars!

Process your Incoming Email/Responses! (Nexus Email Client)
We have developed our own email client for many reasons! The main reason we this is that there is NO SETUP for YOU! You dont have to setup pop a ccounts or outgoing mail settings because we pass and install that automatically during installation!

Once installed, YOUR READY TO GO!

Secondly, we have preloaded filters that will process your incoming email for you!

The Nexus Email Client AUTOMATICALLY processes and handles:
  • Remove Requests (remove link is added to all bulk email you send for you)
  • Bounces/Undeliverables
  • Clickthroughs added to FIDO (prospects that get your email and click on the embedded link and visit your landing page)
The Nexus Email Client also makes it easy to respond to prospects, add them to FIDO, and unsubscribe lazy prospects who can't click a remove link.

Start calling your newly generated/qualified Prospects!
FIDO stands for "Framework for Improving Daily Operations."

FIDO is a powerful yet easy to use Contact Manager & Daily Planner.

All your "interested" prospects (clickthroughs or Form Fills) are automatically added with all the data available to FIDO.

FIDO also comes with a full featered calendar to help you manage your days as well as who you need to call and when!

Come to our daily (m-f) Live Demonstration Webinars and see the entire MPW Bulk Mailing system in action!

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