Order Instructions for
the MPW Bulk Mailing System

The first thing to note is that you can only order the MPW system from a sponsor link/url. This is by design. We don't want to take prospects from our clients so if you go to MyProvenWay.com you will see you can't order. You must have a affiliate/sponsor link.

If you are interested in the MPW Bulk Mailing system and can't find the email or marketing material that brought you here, you can contact our offices and we will try and hook you up with the right affiliate/sponsor so you can order through their link!

Secondly, we want to thank you for your interest! If you have any questions you can't find in the quick start guide, please attend one of our Daily Live Training Webinars at which time you can see the system in action and ask any questions you have. Or, you can contact support here!

What does it Cost?
The MPW Bulk Mailing System is $49.95/month (+ leads)

      The system comes with the Nexus Software & Bulk Email Hosting.
Along with the $49.95, you will need leads to load into the system.

You can get leads from anywhere you like. MyProvenWay.com also offers two types of bulk email leads, general bizopp seekers starting at $90/month for 12,000/month or you may qualify for a SPECIAL OFFER in which you can get 10K networker leads to load into the system by simply changin where you shop for household/personal items you buy every month!

Note: there is also a 1 time $25 setup fee to get the domains & system setup on our bulk friendly servers.

MPW System Requirements:
  • The software runs on a Windows95, 98, 2000, Vista, or 7® PC
  • A Interenet connection. (DSL or Cable)
  • 1 domain name for bulk mailing. (we will host the domain on our bulk friendly servers)
  • OPTIONAL: a domain name we host that you can refer people to the MPW System.
If you have a Macintosh® you will need a Windows emulation software on your mac to use the MPW Bulk Mail System.

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