Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for the MyProvenWay Bulk Email System

How much does the MyProveWay Bulk Emailing System Cost?

MPW.:.Basic $49.95 per month.
This includes Bulk eMail Software + Bulk eMail Hosting (we host 1 of your domains on our bulk friendly servers so you bulk email)
MPW.:.LeadCoop $99 the first month then $20 per month thereafter.
We supply you with 30K Home Business Seeker leads per month. If you are in MPW.:.Basic or MPW.:.Complete these are sent to your software for a easy 2 button import)
MPW.:.Complete $149 the first month then $69.95 per month thereafter.
This includes MPW.:.Basic + MPW.:.LeadCoop
You may cancel anytime. Each package is month to month.

Can I earn Commissions for referring people?

ABSOLUTELY! Refer 4 & MPW.:.Basic is free... anymore and we are writting you checks!

We pay out a residual commisson on 2 levels for all our products.

We pay 25% on the first level (direct referrals) and 5% on the second (indirect or those people your direct referrals refer.)

Commissions You EarnDirect (level 1)Indirect (level 2)
MPW.:.Basic ($49.95/m)$12.49/m$2.49/m
MPW.:.LeadCopp ($20/m)$5/m$1/m
MPW.:.Complete ($69.95/m)$17.49/m$3.49/m

For MPW.:.Complete orders, we pay pay out DOUBLE COMMISSIONS the first month ($149)!
Thus the first month, for MPW.:.Complete referrals you earn $74.50 for direct referrals (level 1) and $14.90 for indirect (level 2)

MPW.:.LeadCoop (FIRST MONTH commissions $99)
You earn $49.95 for direct referrals (level 1) and $9.90 for indirect (level 2)

What all do I get?

MPW.:.Basic ($49.95/m) includes:
  • Bulk eMail Hosting
    • 1 of your domains names will hosted on our bulk friendly servers allowing you to send out 100,000 prospecting emails via the MPW System!
  • The Bulk Mailer Software
  • The Nexus Email Client
    • automatically handles removes, bounces, and notifies you of interested prospects!
  • FIDO contact manager & day planner
MPW.:.LeadCoop ($20/m - $99 1st month buy-in) includes:
  • 30K Home Business Seeker leads/month
    • We provide a mixture of higher quality business seeker leads.
    • All leads come with full name, email, phone, address, city, state, zip, IP
    • Many will come with extra data as well of questions they have answered about their interest in a home business.
  • We rotate a huge pool of over 6 million leads we have acquired.
    • We continually add high quality home business seekers to this pool.
    • None of our clients will get the same lead in the same month unlike other Lead Coop programs out there!
  • If your a MPW.:.Basic or MPW.:.Complete customer, the leads are sent directly to your software for a 2 button easy import.

    Otherwise we deliver the leads to your email address in text file (tab delimted or comma delimited format)
MPW.:.Complete ($69.95/m - $149 1st month buy-in) includes:
  • MPW.:.Basic
  • MPW.:.Complete

What about Leads to load into the software?

The MPW Bulk Email System allows you get/import leads from any source! also sells 30k home business seekers leads per month for $20 a month ($99 1st month buy-in) via MPW.:.LeadCoop/MPW.:.Complete.

What about Training/Support? Is the software hard to use?

ONE BUTTON A DAY gets your Prospecting Email out! It's that easy.

We have clients from all walks of life, all stages of life. Some are computer savvy while others are not. It doesn't matter. The software has been designed for ease-of-use & understanding.

We do DAILY (M-F) Live Training Webinars that show you exactly how to use the software as well as aswer any questions you have!

To see our support options beyond the live training webinars, click here!

What types of home businesses will the MPW system work with?

This may sound like a sales pitch but it isn't. MyProvenWay already works with hundreds of different home businesses. Whether they are MLM or small business models, bulk email marketing & our system can help you market YOU & whatever you want to get in front of people.

From mom & pop small business, to start ups, to established and proven MLM companies, there's a good chance we have already worked with clients in that business!

The most important aspect of the MyProvenWay system we feel is that we get our clients (YOU) in FRONT of prospects. We feel it's more important that they know YOU & establish TRUST than sell sell sell.

What is your cancelation policy?

All of our packages/products are month-to-month. You may cancel at anytime.

Simply contact support and let us know you would like to cancel.

Why do I need Bulk Hosting to send email?
"Why don't I just send through my ISP?"

The simple answer is "Because you can't!"

About 15 years ago when we (Troy & Nate - owners of MyProvenWay) started in the email marketing industry, you could send thoushands & thousands of email through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they didn't care. The word SPAM was not well known at all because it wasn't a problem.

Fast forward 10 years & ALL that has changed. ISP's no longer allow you to send out mass emails. 99% of all ISPS today will not allow more than a few hundred emails to be sent out a day.

Hotmail®, Yahoo®, Gmail®, Live®, MSN®, AOL® all have the same restrictions or worse!

The bottom line is you CAN'T send large amounts of email through your ISP or free services.

That is why we have developed a special relationship with bulk hosting services! We "HOST" 1 of your domain names on our "bulk friendly servers." This allows you to send out 100K emails per month through our servers. (we recommend sending out 5,500 a day, 5 days a week)

You will still need an internet connection but the emails sent out via the MPW system are sent to OUR bulk email servers, not through your ISP's thus allowing you to send out 100K prospecting emails a month.

Please note: every email sent out through the MPW System is can spam compliant and sent through our bulk email servers.

What's the difference between the MPW Bulk Email System & autoresponder systems like Aweber®?

There's a HUGE difference between the MPW Bulk Email System & autoresponder systems like Aweber® or iContat® and in actuality, the two systems should not even be compared against eachother as they are meant for completely different purposes. (although the MPW system does come with autoresponder capability)

Autoresponders are meant to send a series of email out to people that "OPT-IN" to your landing page only. The autoresponder company creates web forms for you to add to your websites/landing pages that "add" the lead to your "autoresponder" when they fill out the form. It's up to YOU to get the prospect to your website/landing page and this COSTS big bucko bucks!

While autoresponder systems like Aweber® tout better email deliverability (in fact it is usually only 10-20% better than what we get), you can only send "autoresponders" to prospects who fill out the form. So its YOUR JOB to get prospects there.

Yes, in most autoresponder systems, you can import leads. BUT, autoresponder systems are MEANT & DESIGNED for deliverability to people that ACTUALLY OPT-IN to YOUR SPECIFIC webpage webforms. They are NOT MEANT or DESIGNED for bulk email marketing. Just look at the pricing plan!

I will use a well know autoresponder companies recent price plan. For $19 a month you can have up to 500 "subscribers" or "leads" in the system and you can mail out to them. Unless you are buying PHONE LEVEL lead data at $1 or more per lead, loading 500 general bizz-opp leads into the system will create little to no results. What would 500 good quality phone leads cost you? Around $500 if they were $1 a piece.

So, again lets say I bought a list of 10K networker/mlm leads for $90. What would it cost me to load those into an autoresponder system like Aweber®? Around $50 a month. That's what the MPW system costs! So for the first month you load the 10k leads and have at it. Well month 2 comes around and you want to load another 10K leads. Well, you already have 10K leads in there so you need to to bump up the account to allow for 20K. Now that system costs $130 dollars a month, Then, month 3 comes and you want to load another 10K in. Well, for the cost of 25K or more, you have to contact them for pricing. So after 3 months the system is costing you $130 a month and your STUCK at only 25K leads in the system!

DISCLAIMER: Now, before we continue please understand that services like Aweber® & Google Adwords® are very viable & effectice systems. We use them ourselves but we use them as they were intened!

BOTTOM LINE: Autoresponders like Aweber® ARE NOT bulk mailers & should not be used as such! Their price plan makes it so by design! Even if you could use them as Bulk Mailers (which they will frown upon heavily) the cost to do so would be rediculous.

The MPW System is a true, affordable, easy-to-use BULK EMAIL SYSTEM with built-in-autoresponders!

With the MPW System which costs $49.95/month (plus whatever you want to spend on leads), you are allowed to send out 100K emails per month. You can load as many leads into the system as you want. There is NO "subscriber" or "lead" restriction. If you desire, you can load 1 million leads into the system which would take you 10 months to mail to :-). The MPW System allows you to send a series of messages to each prospect over a specified period of time & it tracks and manages this schedule all for you just as a autoresponder does!

If you have any furthur questions about the differences/benefits, please contact support here.

Please note: we recommend and have found that the most effective sending pace is about 5,500 emails per day, 5 days a week. This keeps your domain & server clean & off major black lists.

How many prospects per day does the MPW System generate for me?

First off we make no guarantee on any results for people who use the MPW System because we legally can't.

The Cost Per Prospect (CPP) as discussed below is based on the average monthly CPP of our clients in the last year:
  • Using the MPW Bulk Email System
  • Loading in 10K quality Networker leads/month from MPW
  • Sending 5,500 prospecting emails per day, 5 days a week

What we do tell our clients is this; in general, you can expect 3 to 5 prospects per day (5 days a week) ready for you to call from our system. Some days you will get 10, others days you will get 1. But it comes out to average 3 to 5 prospects a day which is about 20 leads per week or 80 prospects a month. These prospects have gotten an email from you, read it and were interested enough to click and go visit your landing page!

These "clickthrough leads" are better than leads generated from Google Adwords® since you know every "clickthroughs" information whereas you do NOT with Google Adwords® unless they fill out a form.

You CAN'T generate a Better Prospect for the price
using the MPW Bulk Email System!

Using the numbers above, $49.95 for the MPS system + $70 for leads totals $119.95/month. Let's use the average number of pospects generated per month, 80, via the MPW System. This would mean that it's costing you a mear $1.49 cents/prospect. WOW, think about that!

To be listed at the top of a Google® search (Adwords®) for "make money at home", it can cost you a minimum of $5 to $15 per click. Furthur more, all you get is an IP address unless they fill out the form on your landing page!
Click here to read & watch our General Overview video to learn more about what we are talking about here!

If you go to any major mlm lead vendor out there and look up the type of "clickthrough lead" the MPW System is generating, the comparable lead will start at $4 dollars and that's the lowest we've seen.

The bottom line is there is NO SYSTEM out there generating the quality of prospoects that the MPW Bulk Email System is at $1.49 cents/prospect.

and remember 80 is a low average. Many times the MPW system generates more than 80 leads per month. ALSO, refer 3 people & the MPW System is free!

Please note again: we make NO guarantees for any of the above claims/results to any client using the MPW System. The numbers are based on a average production of clients using the system. If you find a system generating the same or better prospects for less than $1.49/prospect, PLEASE CONTACT US because we would want to use it ourselves!

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